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The Shieldbreaker

Aldaim Ward is a knight currently serving within the Queen's Army under command of Madelynne Albrecht. He has dedicated the entirety of his life in aiding the war against the Horde, as well as the Forsaken, who currently take residence in Lordaeron. He has been a sworn defender of the Queen since the birth of the Brotherhood of the Flame, and widely known for his loyalty and honor.


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Art by Kelzack

Aldaim is a tall man, his face riddled with wrinkles that show he is aged, and complete with a beard that is rarely ever tended to. He is noticeably built from head to toe, and strives to keep that appearance when among his comrades, and the general populace. He is always seen upright when he stands, and aware of his surroundings.

His armor is a mixture of bronze and crimson, which is a uniform given only to the Queen's Elite. His breastplate is often concealed by a tabard, adorned with the colors of the Queen's Army. Signs of dirt and tears are apparent, primarily along the borders. One of the most notable features to this is the clasp that holds his cloak together, which is in the shape of a golden crown. It is used to identify his current position of Lord Commander, and was worn by those who served before him.

The ShieldbreakerEdit

His fam
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ily blade is fastened and sheathed upon his back. With closer inspection of the hilt, one can see that it is magnificently detailed. While the majority of it is colored solid black it is the rounded pommel that shines bright gold. The shape of a heater shield engraved into it, and upon that engraving is the profile of a ram's head.

Shieldbreaker originated with Sir Harold Ward, who served under the leadership of lord Dirk Thorne. Shortly before the Siege of Highpass, Harold gathered the materials readily available to him and crafted the blade, in honor of the family line. It granted him victory during the battle, successfully piercing through three shields provided to Bayner Downs before ending his life. It was after the siege that Harold was awarded the title of 'Shieldbreaker' and thus accompanied the name to his newly forged blade.

Harold's son, Roderick Ward, was given the blade upon his death. Although he was not an accomplished knight like his father, Roderick used Shieldbreaker and went on to become a sellsword, engaging in a mere six engagements before marrying Lillia Ward.

It was then passed down to Aldaim Ward, the oldest of four siblings.

Early LifeEdit

Aldaim was the first born of four children, located on a small farm in what is now known as the Western Plaguelands. He was favored among his parents, who were obviously blessed with such an opportunity. Life was simple for him at a young age, often securing the farm and various errands that were not far from home.

It was at the age of ten that his father, retired from his work as a sellsword, taught him to wield a blade in order to properly pass onto him the family blade - Shieldbreaker. It was often Aldaim's dream to become like his father, but as a greater man and serving within Lordaeron's army. During those months of training, his mother had given birth to his first, and cherished sibling, Ondria Ward.

Aldaim went on to become a squire to Sir Belric Gallow, who resided in the city of Stratholme. He was unprepared for such an undertaking, often failing the various errands given to him, and nearly set out upon the streets for his constant incompentence. Were it not for Sir Belric's honorable and forgivng nature, it would have been so. The withered knight continued to take Aldaim under his wing, focusing on his skill with a shield and sword, and becoming impressed with the boy's courage and peformance.

Service in NorthrendEdit

==-The Brotherhood of the Flame-==

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