Agnes Falomyr
Day 1 - Life


House of Pendleton


Brianna Pendleton


Prestor Falomyr


12 Q.C.
37 A.P.

Agnes Falomyr is the second born child of Brianna Pendleton and is publicly recognized as the bastard child of Prestor Falomyr. Despite being hailed a member of nobility in no different a way than her elder brother, Vance II Pendleton, Agnes claims little in truth within Blackmarsh and has only been relegated to the position of lady through propriety alone.

History Edit

Agnes Falomyr was born in late fall in the ancestral seat of the Pendleton line, Ebonloch, during the early hours of the morning. Comparatively, the birth was far harder upon her mother than the child that had come before, nearly taking her life in the process. Seemed to be regarded as more of an unwanted burden than a true blessing once all was said and done, what reluctant fondness the duchess bears for the child is reserved and strained, far less doting than her adoration of her son.